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MAPublisher is a powerful suite of mapping tools for Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC 2014 / CC 2015 that bridges the gap between geographic information systems (GIS) and high-end graphic design software in order to facilitate the map creation process. MAPublisher offers additional panels, functions, and tools to the powerful Adobe Illustrator design environment that enable GIS data files to be used as a base for cartographic production destined for print, web or mobile content.


MAPublisher 9.7 is a full release that includes support for Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, enhanced functionality, stability improvements, and additional format support.


The following summarizes new features and enhancements in MAPublisher 9.7:

Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud 2015.2 support

Fully compatible with the latest Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.2 on both Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Mac.

Web Map Service improvements

Web Map Service (WMS) can now be managed and organized into folders. Selecting an area of a web map layer is now easier with improved selection tools.

GeoPackage support

The GeoPackage format, a platform-independent database that can contain raster data, is now supported in Export to Web Tiles and Export Document to GeoPackage.

Export to Web Tiles improvements

Map scales are now shown when selecting maximum zoom. Exporting to Web Tiles now includes GeoPackage as a map provider. A post export option allows you to open the destination folder containing the web tiles.

Online help

New MAPublisher help system is now online. Browse help topics for tools, features, and tutorials. Most MAPublisher dialog boxes now link directly to help topics. Help files are also available locally.

FME Desktop 2016.1 support

FME Auto is now compatible with FME Desktop 2016.1.

And more...

A number of user interface and usability enhancements.

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Last updated: 5/6/2016