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MAPublisher 10.6 is a powerful suite of mapping tools for Adobe Illustrator CS6 / 2019 / 2020 that bridges the gap between geographic information systems (GIS) and high-end graphic design software in order to facilitate the map creation process. MAPublisher offers additional panels, functions, and tools to the powerful Adobe Illustrator design environment that enable GIS data files to be used as a base for cartographic production destined for print, web or mobile content.


MAPublisher 10.6 is a full release that includes support for Adobe Illustrator 2020, enhanced functionality, stability improvements, and additional format support.


The following summarizes new features and enhancements in MAPublisher 10.6:

Compatible with Adobe Illustrator 2020

Fully compatible with Adobe Illustrator 2020 on both Windows (64-bit) and Mac.

Spatial Join

Join attributes from one feature to another based on a spatial relationship.

Improved Line Plotter

Ability to plot curved lines between points based on geodesic and rhumb line methods.

Improved MAP Measurement Tool

Accurately draw lines and measure distances between points using geodesic, cartesian, and rhumb line methods.

And more...

A number of user interface and usability enhancements.



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